The Stoke

$879.00 AUD

The Stoke is your ultimate performance step down board built to perform in waves from 0-4ft. With the fullness through the nose and flatter rocker The Stoke picks up speed on the slower waves. Combined with the deeper concave and the lowered rail it becomes the perfect mix between fun and performance

With a wider outline from nose to tail, The Stoke paddles like a dream.

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Ride this board

  • 1-4 Inches smaller than your everyday board
  • 1/2 a inch wider
  • 1-3L more


  • Wave Height 0 ft – 4 ft
  • Flatter entry rocker
  • Wider outline
  • Flat through the mid section
  • Tail flip off the front fins to the tail
  • Single concave
  • Deep double concave between fins
  • Slight ‘V’ off the tail

The Stoke is a high-performance step-down surfboard engineered to excel in wave conditions ranging from 0 to 4 feet. Crafted with a fuller nose and flatter rocker, it effortlessly gains speed on slower waves. Complemented by a deeper concave and lowered rail, this board strikes the perfect balance between fun and performance.

Created by head designer Parrish Byrne, the Stoke model represents a groundbreaking innovation in performance surfboards tailored specifically for smaller waves. It not only showcases remarkable speed and ripping capabilities but also possesses exceptional paddling prowess and an impressive volume right from the start.

An outstanding feature of the Stoke is its exceptional paddling performance, allowing surfers to effortlessly glide through the water and effortlessly catch waves. This board’s design has been optimized for seamless water flow, providing a smooth and effortless experience in the lineup.

Furthermore, the Stoke boasts generous volume, with well-considered thickness for enhanced stability and buoyancy. Surfers of all skill levels will appreciate the added volume, as it enables easier wave-catching and provides a forgiving platform for maneuvers. The board’s distributed volume along its length ensures a harmonious balance between speed and control, empowering you to confidently execute high-performance moves even on smaller waves.

The combination of the Stoke’s exceptional paddling prowess and generous volume makes it a versatile and user-friendly board that truly shines in small wave conditions. Whether you’re an experienced pro pushing the boundaries or a beginner refining your skills, the Stoke delivers an unparalleled experience on even the smallest days, allowing you to carve, rip, and savor every moment in the water.

BYRST565'619 1/42 3/828 LTS
BYRST575'719 3/82 7/1628.9 LTS
BYRST585'819 1/22 1/230.5 LTS
BYRST595'919 5/82 9/1632 LTS
BYRST5105'1019 3/42 5/833.2 LTS
BYRST5115'1119 7/82 3/434.5 LTS
BYRST606'0202 7/835.9 LTS


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The Stoke

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