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The Spartan is the perfect board for the performance surfer who is looking for that extra volume. With the ability to perform in waves from knee high, to overhead surf, it ticks all the boxes.


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Are you frustrated by your paddle power holding you back, despite your surfing skills being intact? Look no further – the  Spartan Model is the board that will reignite your passion for surfing.

The Spartan Model is the ultimate performance board, meticulously designed with added volume. During the research and development phase, we collaborated closely with team riders who faced challenges such as recovering from injuries, lower fitness levels, and the demands of everyday life. The result is the Spartan Model, a board crafted to deliver effortless paddling combined with high-performance surfing. Strategically placed foam provides the surfer with the necessary flotation, addressing the issue of lacking paddle power. The lowered rails ensure exceptional maneuverability at high speeds and in critical sections of the wave.

Drawing inspiration from our beloved MM model, the Spartan inherits its DNA, making it a versatile all-rounder with a focus on high-performance surfing. While the MM features a slightly lower rocker and a wider outline, both models share the same concave, fine-tuned for exceptional maneuverability and lightning-quick response through turns.

It comes as no surprise that the Spartan Model has rapidly gained popularity and is now one of our most cherished models. Experience the difference for yourself and discover why surfers around the world have fallen in love with the Spartan.

Revive your surfing experience with the Byrne Surf Spartan Model. Rekindle your love for the sport, overcome paddle power frustrations, and unlock your true potential on the waves.


  • Medium entry rocker
  • Medium exit rocker
  • Single concave
  • ‘V’ off the tail

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