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The Prodigy is part of the continuous evolution of the performance surfboard, worked on closely between our team and head designer / shaper (Parrish Byrne). Designed through critical feedback, constant refinement and rigorous testing from our team to perform at the highest of levels, the Prodigy was born. The best part of this board is that the evolution also benefits the everyday surfer.


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Introducing the Prodigy: Unleash Speed, Power, and Flow

Designed to deliver unrivaled performance, the Prodigy is the pinnacle of surfboard engineering. This board embodies the perfect balance of speed, power, and flow, ensuring an exhilarating and dynamic surfing experience. Let’s explore the exceptional features that set the Prodigy apart from the rest.

The Prodigy features a medium to low rocker, meticulously designed to enable surfers to effortlessly glide and generate immediate speed right from the takeoff. This rocker configuration not only provides a seamless connection between sections, but also allows for carrying speed through long, drawn-out turns with ease.

With a wider nose outline, the Prodigy offers enhanced front-foot drive and down-the-line speed. This design element not only facilitates powerful and controlled carving through turns, but also creates a stable platform for the front foot, ensuring optimal balance and confidence.

Thicker through the chest area, the Prodigy boasts a lower, yet forgiving rail. This unique combination translates into increased paddle power and drive, empowering surfers to effortlessly catch waves and maintain momentum. Despite its thickness, the Prodigy remains sensitive, allowing for engaged rail-to-rail transitions during high-performance maneuvers.

To further enhance performance, the Prodigy incorporates more tail rocker, curve, and a deeper concave under the back foot. These features result in exceptional speed, added pop, and the ability to execute short-radius arcs and dynamic vertical pocket surfing off the tail. Enjoy heightened maneuverability and unleash your creativity on the waves.

In terms of volume, the Prodigy holds more than your average performance board. This additional volume ensures optimal glide and momentum, while still maintaining responsiveness and allowing surfers to remain connected with the wave. Experience the perfect fusion of stability and performance.

For the best performance, we recommend riding the Prodigy 1/16 of an inch thicker than your typical performance board. This slight increase in thickness enhances paddle power, ensuring you make the most of every wave and maximize your performance potential.

Unlock the full potential of speed, power, and flow with the Prodigy. Experience the ultimate thrill and elevate your surfing to extraordinary levels.

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  • Flatter entry rocker
  • Flat through the mid section
  • Tail flip off the back fin
  • Single concave
  • Slight double concave between fins
BYRPRO58 5’8 18 5/8 2 1/4 24.8L
BYRPRO59 5’9 18 3/4 2 5/16 26.3L
BYRPRO510 5’10 18 3/4 2 3/8 27.3L
BYRPRO510B 5’10 18 7/8 2 7/16 28L
BYRPRO510C 5’10 19 2 1/2 28.7L
BYRPRO511 5’11 19 2 7/16 28.6L
BYRPRO511B 5’11 19 1/8 2 1/2 29.5L
BYRPRO60 6’0 19 1/8 2 1/2 30L
BYRPRO60B 6’0 19 1/4 2 9/16 30.7L
BYRPRO61 6’1 19 1/4 2 9/16 31.2L
BYRPRO61B 6’1 19 1/2 2 5/8 32.3
BYRPRO62 6’2 19 1/2 2 5/8 32.7


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