Modern Twin

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The Byrne Modern Twin evolved by combining past twin shapes with modern surfboard design theories.

The result is a very high performing board that is ideal for smaller, less powerful surf, but still surprisingly performs well in semi-powerful waves up to 5ft. It paddles very well because of its flat nose rocker and high volume up front, so it’s also ideal for older surfers and beginners.

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The Ultimate Small Wave Weapon

The Modern Twin is the culmination of blending classic twin shapes with cutting-edge surfboard design principles. This fusion has resulted in an exceptionally high-performing board that thrives in smaller, less powerful surf, while surprisingly delivering outstanding performance in semi-powerful waves up to 5ft. Whether you’re an older surfer, a beginner, or simply seeking a small wave weapon, the Modern Twin is the answer.

Exceptional paddling ability is a hallmark of the Modern Twin, thanks to its flat nose rocker and generous volume up front. This feature not only facilitates easy wave entry but also makes it an ideal choice for surfers of all ages and skill levels, ensuring a delightful experience in the water.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the board features a thick forward foil profile complemented by full rails. Its outline showcases a full yet pointed nose, perfectly balanced by a semi-wide and deep fishtail. The bottom contours exhibit a gentle vee under the middle, transitioning to a more pronounced vee behind the fins. In addition, the board incorporates belly channels inspired by Tom Carroll’s small wave world champion boards from the 80s. These belly channels impart a heightened sense of responsiveness and liveliness to the board, allowing for increased speed and maneuverability.

The Modern Twin is a must-have addition to your quiver as your small wave weapon. Prepare to be captivated by its fun-loving nature and be pleasantly surprised by its performance even in medium-sized waves. This board is particularly well-suited for larger surfers seeking more enjoyment in small waves and twin fin enthusiasts who desire a reliable go-to board that excels in various surfing conditions. To top it off, the Modern Twin is available in captivating retro color designs with minimal decals, adding a touch of style to your surfing experience.

Unleash the full potential of small wave surfing with the Byrne Modern Twin. Prepare for endless fun, remarkable performance, and an unforgettable ride.


  • Flatter entry rocker
  • Flat through the mid section
  • Tail flip off the front fins to the tail
  • Single concave
  • Slight double concave between fins
  • Slight ‘V’ off the tail
BYRMT565'619 3/42 7/1630.5L
BYRMT585'8202 1/233.2L
BYRMT5105'1020 1/42 5/836.3L
BYRMT606'020 1/22 3/439.8L


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Modern Twin

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