Hyper Drive

$944.00 AUD

The Hyper drive is designed for maximum down-the-line speed, quick transitions, and big rail turns. Different in appearance to our other models with its wing and 4 channels, you can expect quick acceleration, quick response and an all around level of performance.

The Hyperdrive performs in a range of conditions and wave types but isn’t for the faint hearted.

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 Starting with the MINI we flattered the rocker, slightly widened the nose and thickened the rail up to give the board more all round volume.

   Adding the wings gives the HD maximum skate to compensate the drive of the flatter rocker. The wing also reduces the width behind the back foot enabling precise control when surfing tight in the pocket. With 4-channels to fuel this all around performance board. The channels sit within a generous single concave that runs the length of the board with a high Vee creating extreme release near the trailing fin and off the tail.


. wave height 0-6ft

. concave single with 4 channels

. rocker low nose mid tail

 . rail full

BYRHD585'8192 3/8
BYRHD5105'1019 1/42 7/16
BYRHD606'019 1/22 1/2
BYRHD626'219 3/42 5/8


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Hyper Drive

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