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The DreamLiner has become an instant hit, inspired from generations of mid-lengths and the design history of Byrne Surfboards.

With a beautiful, beaked-nose entry, a more modern bottom contour and fin placement, and a perfectly, pulled in round tail to create that extra hold, the DreamLiner will make you grin from ear to ear when you are flying down the line with minimal effort.

With an overall flat rocker that generates and holds speed, even in the weakest of conditions, and a double concave through the centre of the board flowing through the fins, the DreamLiner will help you transition from rail to rail and retain manoeuvrability. Starting with the entry thickness, the DreamLiner is distributed with a generous amount of volume throughout, and a relatively low rail, allowing it to still turn at a high speed.

The Dreamliner loves playful conditions from knee-high, but don’t be fooled, it can handle waves up to double overhead. It has the paddle power and the ability to control speed in quality, longer waves, and will work all-round in point breaks, reef breaks and beach breaks.

The DreamLiner will bring smooth transition and speed in the downtime, back into your surfing. It is designed with a 5-fin set up to allow you to ride it as a Twin, 2+1, quad or a thruster.

What makes this board so inviting into your quiver is the effortless paddle power needed to paddle in, and the ability to enjoy your surfing experience with ease.

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